Uni-President (Thailand) Co., Ltd. was established in Thailand in 1994 under the group of Uni-President Enterprises, the largest food manufacturer and distributor in Taiwan,with a registered capital of 250 million baht.  Uni-President (Thailand) Co., Ltd. has constantly been recognized and trusted by Thai consumers.  The company is the manufacturer of various brands of beverages under the prevalent brand "Unif".  The products include mixed vegetables and fruit juice branded "Unif", ready-to-drink tea branded "Unif Tea", mixed vegetables and fruit juice branded "Unif All you Need", fruit juice branded "Unif Deedaa", and ready-to-drink coffee branded "Aha".

Our Success

Uni-President (Thailand) Co., Ltd. is a pioneer in the ready-to-drink green tea market in Thailand or “Unif Green Tea” for Thai consumers in 2001, which has gained popularity in green tea beverages among Thai consumers until being able to occupy the No. 1 sales position after entering the market for only 1 year.  Thereafter, the company was highly privileged to introduce the ready-to-drink tea product "Harucha" that specifically uses young tea leaves grown in early spring from Shizuoka city which can be harvested only once a year to celebrate the occasion of Her Majesty the QueenSirikitfully aged 72 years old.  In addition, the 100% mixed vegetables and fruit juice branded "Unif", which is one of the company's most successful products, is also popular among Thai consumers with the highest ranking in the mixed vegetables and fruit juice beverage market in Thailand.  In 2010, the company debuted the Unif All You Need, 100% mixed vegetables and fruit juice in bottle packaging (PET: Poly Ethylene Terephthalate) for the first time and also debuted the Deedaa product, which is a 12% fruit juice, a year later, in which it also gained a very positivereaction from consumers.

Since the company President Pharmaceutical, a subsidiary of Uni-President Enterprises, Taiwan, has gained successfrom the My Beauty Diary,a face mask product, by possessing the highest number of sales in Taiwan and Hong Kong, as well as anticipating the market potential for health and beauty products in Thailand, the company therefore decided, for the first time, to bring such a successful product to Thailand at the end of 2011 at Watsons stores nationwide.  In 2012, the company entered into a business alliance with Yeuan Yeou (Thailand) Co., Ltd. to set up a coffee beans roasting factory in order to manufacture a good quality coffee bean under the brand "FINE CUP Coffee", which is considered the first business line of the company since the company has been operating business in Thailand.

Modernity and Technological Advancement

Uni-President (Thailand) Co., Ltd. emphasizes the product quality development in order for the good health of consumers to be generated. Therefore, the company is very dedicated to persistently increasethe quality of products by constructing a world class-standard manufacturing plant with a high efficiencyin 1998 in Nakhon Pathom Province with an investment fund of 500 million baht.  More importantly, the company is the first manufacturer to bring Hot Filled PET bottling technology to be used for the company's quality products.  As a result, the company ultimatelyobtainedthe Thailand Brand Award and HACCP, SQF and GMP certificates in which have all receivedworld-wide acknowledgement.  Accordingly,the company is reliable for its quality products and safety standards that the company has given persistently to Thai consumers.

Nationwide Products Distribution System

Although Uni-President (Thailand) Co., Ltd. has enjoyed success and iswell known among Thai consumers, the company nonetheless sees the efficiency of future management due to the rapid expansion of the domestic business.  The company therefore established Uni-President Marketing Co., Ltd. in January 2004 to undertake the marketing and distribution of all kinds of products of thecompany in order to be able to reach consumers more widely and more conveniently.

Vending Machine

In the present day, a variety of technologies has been developed rapidly and ceaselessly.  In most developed countries, they focus more on selling products through vending machinesespecially selling beverage related products.  It is because of the problem of workforce availability, higher wage rates, frequent resignations, and fraud, etc.  Selling products through vending machines is then another option that plays a significant role.  In Thailand, the use of vending machines has become more widespread because it is convenient, hassle-free, can be installed in a limited area of ​​only 1 square meter.  Moreover, it is in operation 24 hours a day or can be set a time to sell for a specific period of time.  Similarly, it accepts both coins and banknotes and can return the change. The vending machine is suitable withgeneral industrial plants, both small, medium and large,including condos, office buildings and department stores.  The company has been selling its products through the beverage vending machine for 23 years in the area of Bangkok and its vicinity, including nearby provinces such as Ayutthaya, Saraburi (Nong Khae), Chachoengsao, Prachinburi, Chonburi, Rayong, Nakhon Pathom, Samut Prakan, Samut Sakhon.  The company has a wide range of products.  The company also provides an experienced installation team, a maintenance team that can solve problems quickly, a replenishment service team that can facilitate you all the time.  Additionally, the company guarantees fairness in product prices and returns.  The customers can make contact and coordinate at any time with our sales team and customer service center. Should the customers owna space and good location or wish to install a vending machine to service your staff, please do contact us at your will.  We, the beverage vending machine department of Uni-President (Thailand) Co., Ltd., are very pleased and eager to serve you at any time.